It’s hard to believe that we will soon be closing the books on Summer 2014. We’ve enjoyed several months of beautiful weather – and beautiful weddings along the way ranging from traditional and romantic to modern and fun.

This season was saw some interesting and inspiring trends that made this year unique from all others. So before we say so long sweet summer, let’s take a look back at the best wedding trends that will forever define 2014.

Pretty in Pink

One of the loveliest trends we have seen this summer was the return of soft pink hues. This “barely there” shade of pink was used for bridesmaids dresses, table linens, floral arrangements, wedding cakes and more. Rather than creating a sharp contrast and pop of color, light pink subtly mimicked the bridal white, creating a monotone wedding scheme. This trend was a refreshing twist to the bright and bold colors we had seen in seasons past. It brought back traditional romantic style with a modern flare. Check out our Pinterest page for even more wedding ideas!

light pink wedding colors

Illustrated Invitations

This trend in invitations incorporated illustrated graphics in addition to the standard text. We’ve seen this done in a variety of ways, but the idea is that you include what look like hand drawn graphics, accents or cartoons on the invitation cards. The end result is a fun and whimsical invitation that sets the tone for the entire wedding. If you aren’t an artist and don’t have a friend who is artistically talented, don’t worry. You can still create an illustrated invitation by using any of the various online invitation print shops. This new trend has taken their inventory by storm with countless options from which you can choose and personalize.

The Return of Romance

This summer, brides were inspired by old-fashioned romance and brought back some wedding traditions that were commonly eliminated in more modern weddings. Ushers were once again used to escort guests to their seats. Servers butlered appetizers during cocktail hour instead of a buffet line. Also, dinner was served with white glove service. Together these seemingly small details created weddings that felt classy, elegant and royal. This trend is a move in the opposite direction from modern weddings that aim to be more simple and casual. In the end, there is no right or wrong trend, it simply depends upon the bride’s preference – and it’s great to know you have options!


Musical Mix-Ups

The ever-popular Electric Slide and “Shout” songs were still played by DJs from coast to coast this summer, but aside from just the wedding staples and today’s top hits, brides were mixing up their playlist by throwing in some less popular, but still just as festive dance tunes. One example is hiring a bluegrass band to kick things up a notch on the dance floor with a genre of music that guests aren’t necessarily used to. The result? Guests were pleasantly surprised by this change in the “expected” types of music and it created a memorable night that certainly stood out from all other weddings.

Whimsical Patterns

Last summer we saw a surge of big and bold patterns on linens such as chevron stripes and plaid prints. This year, we again saw patterns but this time they were soft and whimsical. Specifically, floral patterns were a big hit because they accented the floral arrangements used throughout the wedding. Additionally, classic prints like the fleur-de-lis or English prints like toile helped to create unique tablescapes that had even more visual interest and color. Even if your color scheme is fairly monochromatic, a print is all you need to incorporate a special element that brings all the details together.

Farm to Fork Menu

So many restaurants have taken to the “farm to fork” trend where they use as much local produce and meats as they can in their menu. It’s about time this trend also transferred over to weddings! Not only is farm to fork tasty, healthy and eco-friendly, it’s also a superb way to give you guests a true taste of your wedding location. Every city has some wonderful treats for which they are known; your wedding is the perfect time to showcase these items as part of your menu. Caterers and venues take note, this farm to fork trend is sure to continue to gain popularity and is a great option to offer your brides!

local wedding menu

Food Trucks and Carnival Treats

This summer we saw a delicious trend where food trucks and carnival treats were used during the cocktail hour or as late night snacks. Not only is the indulgent and casual menu a fun break from the traditional alternatives, but it offers quite a memorable experience for your guests. While food trucks certainly make a big impact, in case your budget or venue cannot accommodate one, there are many unique rental items such as popcorn, Sno-Kone and cotton candy machines that still give you that same “wow” factor – as well as a delicious ending to your celebration.

An old fashioned popcorn machine adds charm and character - as well as some delicious snacks to a wedding!
An old fashioned popcorn machine adds charm and character – as well as some delicious snacks to a wedding!

So there you have the most memorable trends from the past wedding season – and there were a lot worth remembering (and hopefully using again). Though we are sad to say goodbye to the 2014 summer wedding season, we are just as excited to see what the fall has in store!

What have been your favorite wedding trends of summer 2014? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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