What better holiday than Valentine’s Day to put some extra love and special touches into hosting a great event? It’s the perfect day to show your friends, family or significant other just how much you care by throwing a memorable celebration filled with festive decorations and good food.

Aside from simply incorporating some red hearts into your table setting, there are a lot of opportunities to really think outside the box and get creative with your Valentine’s Day party. Here are a few of ideas to help inspire you to start planning today!

  1. Use classic treats for decoration inspiration

Your all-time favorite Valentine’s Day candy can also make for a stunning centerpiece. Simply pour a few bags into a vase or glass jar and top it off with flowers or a candle. Play around with different colors or varieties of candies to really create a conversation piece that will have guests falling head over heels for your creativity.

  1. Go all red

For a Valentine’s Day party, you can’t have enough red to emphasize the theme of the holiday. Take this to the extreme but using only this color for all of your decorations. From table linens and napkins, to charger plates and wine glasses, using this bold color over and over again will create a powerful first impression when guests walk in.

  1. Go all pink

If red is a bit too bold for your taste, create the same monotone look with another popular Valentine’s Day color – pink! Use only pink for all of your table setting pieces and decorations. Limiting your color palate to a single color will allow you to decorate the space with items of all shapes and sizes while still creating a cohesive look. For bonus points, theme your menu with a pink appetizer or dessert!

  1. Combine them both!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw all fashion rules aside and mix reds and pinks together. Blend these two colors into your party décor and create a look that is unmistakably Valentine’s Day. You alternate your plates and dinnerware to contrast the colors at each seat or you can create a place setting that is all pink next to one that is all red for a bold division of colors.

  1. Pick a theme within the theme

For a Valentine’s Day party, the holiday is the obvious theme. Still, you can hone in on an even more specific theme – such as hearts, red roses or candy – for an extra creative touch. Use this theme for your centerpieces and throughout your home, even carry it into the bathroom that guests will be using at the party.

  1. Add a Valentine’s twist to traditional food favorites

At your party, you’ll definitely want to treat your guests to some delicious food and drink. You can turn almost any menu item into a Valentine theme with a little creative thinking. You can cut the foods into a heart shape, add a red sauce or garnish or give it a fun name like calling your specialty cocktail “Love Potion.”

  1. Tell your love story with your decorations

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of everyone’s love, but don’t forget to make your party also a little personal to you. Displaying your loving memories and milestones on a chalk board that lists special dates (like birthdays, anniversaries and “firsts”). Or decorate your venue with old photos of your parents, grandparents and other relatives sharing a kiss or on their wedding day.

  1. Repurpose old Valentine cards

Even those cheesy Valentine cards you used to exchange in elementary school can create a decorative display at your party. Use clothespins and twine to create an easy and inexpensive banner. Or set one at each place setting with your guests name on them.

  1. Make it a party for just the two of you!

Finally, a Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t require a big party or long guest list. Make your day more intimate by throwing a party that is just for you and your significant other. Avoid the long lines and impersonal experience at a restaurant by staying at home, cooking your own dinner together and enjoying it at a special table made just for two.

Are you planning a special Valentine’s Day celebration? Share your party ideas by commenting below!

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  1. I really liked this article, especially since I’m really into event planning. I liked your advice about making a party for just the two of you. Usually when I think of a party I think of several guests, but I hadn’t ever thought about just having a party for two. Thanks for sharing this post!

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