Congratulations to our newly engaged couples! As you begin to envision your special day, you might decide to have a winter wedding. This is the perfect time to get inspired and we have some expert tips to help get you started.

Take a look at these 8 hot winter wedding ideas that will help you create a warm and vibrant celebration even during the coldest days of the season!

  1. Use layers to create color, texture and warmth

Layers do more than just create visual interest, they also help to make a space look and feel warmer too. That’s exactly what we want to achieve for a winter wedding! Consider using two or more layers for your table linens with different textures and complimenting colors to take your tables from cold to cozy!

  1. Get creative with your bouquets and centerpieces

Wedding flowers are always a considerable portion of your budget, but even more so in the off-season months of winter. This is the perfect reason to think outside the box with your bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces! First, consider using in-season flowers, such as jasmine, irises, roses and lilies. Next, experiment with non-flower accents like pine cones, Christmas ornaments, ribbons or evergreens to create a completely unique look that stays in-theme with the season of your wedding.

  1. Pick attire that will keep your wedding party warm

Strapless gowns can be beautiful, but are also quite cold to wear during the winter months when you may want your wedding party to join you outside for photos. Keep your wedding party’s comfort in mind when selecting the bridesmaid dresses and suits. Provide warm shawls for the girls to wear and allow the guys to cover up with a stylish topcoat. Not only will everyone be warmer, they will also look quite fashionable as well!

  1. Think beyond traditional “winter” wedding colors

Having a winter wedding doesn’t confine you to only using whites, blues, silvers or reds and greens. Pick the colors you love and then find other ways to incorporate winter elements into these colors. For example, you can still have a bright and colorful bouquet even with in-season flowers.

  1. Keep all the celebration at one location

Cold weather, ice and snow are unfortunately a common part of the winter season – and may play a role in your winter wedding. Plan ahead and keep your guests safe and comfortable by having your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception at one venue (or at venues that are very close by). As a bonus, a single venue will help your wedding decorations do double or triple duty!

  1. Let the season inspire your menu

While you break outside the box with your wedding colors and flowers, your menu is one place to really let the season inspire your choices. Warm and hearty foods will be enjoyed by all as well as some seasonal treats like roasted marshmallows or a hot chocolate bar!

  1. Use lights and heaters to create a cozy setting

As we mentioned in tip #1, layers are a great way to make a venue feel warmer, so is decorating with lights. Twinkle lights are sure to be easy to come by during the winter months and there are countless projects you can do like placing them in mason jars on each table or along your aisle (for even more inspiration, explore our Pinterest). Additionally, you can also add some real warmth by renting a heater or two. Even if your space is inside, some extra warmth will take the chill of a large and open ball room.

  1. Embrace whatever weather you’re given

Finally and most importantly, be prepared to roll with whatever weather Mother Nature decides to deliver on your big day. This could mean sleet, snow, hail, rain – or maybe, just maybe some sunshine! If you really want some outside photos, be flexible with your location and angles. A professional photographer can help guide you! Additionally, a great shot may require getting a little cold a wet, but as you can see from the inspiration below, it’s totally worth it!

Which of these winter wedding ideas is your favorite? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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