mother natureWhen you pour your heart and soul into planning a special occasion for your family and friends, it can be devastating to watch your plans come undone thanks to Mother Nature. This happens more times than anyone could quantify and while there’s no surefire way prevent this from happening, there are several ways you can be prepared to react to such circumstances in the best way possible.

Let’s take a look at our top seven expert tips for how to prevent Mother Nature from ruining your party!

Check your Farmers’ Almanac

Have you heard of a Farmers’ Almanac? If not, get familiar with this amazing little tool! It is famous for its long-range weather forecasts that are based upon hundreds of years of weather history. For example, if you are planning a wedding for August 31, 2015, you can learn a lot about the weather you might expect on this date in your location based upon how the weather has performed in the past.  While this may sound a bit like an Old Wives’ Tale (and no one guarantees it’s 100% accurate), it’s a great starting point for identifying flood, hurricane and blizzard seasons typically found in your region.

Look at forecasts early and often

Once you’re a month or so out from your event date, you can begin checking the local forecasts that will give you a rough idea of the expected temperatures and if any major storms are on the radar. This is likely to change significantly and frequently as you get closer to the date, so be sure and check in at first weekly, then every couple of days and then daily or even more often as you get closer to the big day. This information can help you make the decision to go with a rain date, rent items like tents, tent walls or fans to protect your guests, or choose to cancel the event altogether.

Have (several) backup plans

A backup plan is a very smart idea, but don’t pat yourself on the back too much for having only one. Often the backup plan needs a backup plan (or two) just in case Mother Nature really throws you a curve ball. Plan for several scenarios. And if your backup plan is to rent a tent, plan for the situation where all tents are already rented! What do you plan to do then?

Plan for all extremes

Another reason to have multiple backup plans is because while you may be planning for a big rain storm, Mother Nature may decide to give you unbearable heat and blazing sun instead. Trust us, both extremes are equally uncomfortable for your guests. In addition to focusing on having items to keep you dry or moving your venue inside, also consider the need to have items that will keep guests cool. Bottom line: plan for all extremes!

Don’t forget about pest control

Mother Nature can make things miserable with more than what comes from the sky. What about all those flying, biting and crawling friends that sometimes invite themselves to your party? Yes, we’re talking pest control. An outdoor venue in a beautiful farm field is great in theory until you find out a new hatch of mosquitos just came off the nearby creek and they are HUNGRY! Unless you suspect a bigger issue for these pests, purchasing some bug spray, citronella candles, etc. will do the trick. The key is to do this in advance so you aren’t scrambling the day of.

Know your vendors’ cancellation policy

If you’re unfortunately tasked with the tough decision of cancelling the event altogether, you want to be crystal clear on your vendors’ cancellation policies. These will range from business to business. Depending upon the circumstances, some might be willing to offer a refund, a discount on a future purchase or be willing to move the date to whatever your rain date may be. But also be aware that you may still need to pay them in full whether you use the items or not. Know these policies upfront and use them as major consideration when you are thinking of pulling the plug on the event.

Ask about insurance

Finally, there may be an option of “event insurance” available to you that can help you to recoup some of the costs if you indeed need to cancel due to Mother Nature. This can help you out in major unforeseen circumstances that are more than just a little rain or heat. Ask your event planner, vendors or insurance agency about what’s out there…or like anything, Google it!

Have you had a party ruined by Mother Nature or have a tip to share to prevent this from happening? Share your insights by commenting below!

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