Cooler weather, football season and signs of harvest are hard-to-miss cues that fall is upon us. While it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, we can’t help but be just as excited about the arrival of a new and very fun season for creating events.

While there’s no hiding the truth that we are crazy about events year-round, here’s why we particularly love helping create spectacular special occasions in the fall!

  1. A break from the heat

Early fall is the perfect time to plan that outdoor event. The stifling heat of late summer is simmering down and the cooler afternoon and evenings are much appreciated by both guests and us event professionals who are working outside before and after the event! While later fall can bring a chill that is less comfortable, rental items like heaters and tent walls can easily create a cozy venue – even outside.

  1. Deep, rich colors

The next thing we love about fall events is getting to incorporate all of those deep, rich colors of the season. Linens and centerpieces seem so much grander and more elegant against dark reds, purples, golds and oranges. Just take a look at 2014 colors from Pantone for inspiration!

  1. Nature’s beautiful backdrop

The stunning colors of changing leaves makes every other season look a little pale in comparison. Spring, summer and winter have their beautiful moments, don’t get us wrong, but there’s just something so magical about the backdrop of a vibrantly colored mountain behind a white peak tent to make a venue unforgettable.

  1. Indulgent comfort foods

Fall brings harvest which brings an array of in-season produce that contribute to a bountiful menu for any special occasion. Best of all, these foods tend to be a bit richer and more decadent than the lighter summer fare. From appetizers through dessert, it’s a lot of fun to craft a menu around this season’s sweet and savory offerings.

  1. The return of warm beverages

Guests are not likely craving a hot chocolate or spiced cider at an outdoor wedding in July, but the fall months are a different story. Warm beverages are the perfect night cap to any special occasion and best of all, you can really get creative with the glassware, flavors and garnishes.

  1. Fun themes and decorations

Fall brings the beauty of harvest and the fun of Halloween, providing endless resources and inspiration for some very festive decorations. Other seasons have their holidays as well, but particularly in fall the pumpkins, leaves, gourds – and of course Halloween décor give a palette for endless creativity.

  1. No snow…yet!

Finally, we really love fall events because you get the cooler weather, excitement of holidays and many reasons to celebrate – all before the snow really starts to fall. Not only is this a good thing for your guests, it’s also much appreciated by us event professionals who have to face the elements to transport and setup all of the event supplies. In Central Pennsylvania, snow has been known to fall early, but luckily for the most part, fall delivers beauty and color far more than a blanket of white.

Do you love fall events like us? Share some of your own reasons by commenting below!

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