Your first time working with an event rental company can be overwhelming and stressful if you don’t feel like you can trust their professionalism and expertise. No matter the type of event you’re hosting, from wedding, to graduation, to birthday party, it’s an important day that you want to  go off without a hitch!

To help build your trust and confidence in the vendor you select, we suggest beginning your relationship by asking these 7 questions. Not only will their answers provide you with helpful information, but they will also give you a better sense of whether or not there is the right vendor you want to work with.

  1. Is there a discount in the off season?

During peak seasons, typically late spring through summer, rental items are in high demand as weddings, graduations and other outdoor events take place. Event rental companies have less flexibility on pricing during these times since there is no shortage of demand. However, during the off season when things have slowed down quite a bit, many event rental companies are willing to negotiate or cut you a deal on your order for doing business with them during this time. Be sure and ask your vendor if there is a price break for events taking place in late fall or winter.

  1. How much time do you need for set-up and tear-down?

This is an important aspect of your event that you will want to coordinate with both your event rental company as well as your venue. Commonly venues have a policy for how early outside vendors can come into set-up or how late they can leave rental items on site before tear-down. Be sure and find out the exact policy your venue has and communicate this with your event rental company. Also be sure to ask them how much time they will need to budget for set-up and tear-down given the location, size and date of your event.

tent set-up

  1. Do you charge for delivery?

Due to the price of gas and the varying distances of locations across any given delivery area, it’s common for event rental companies to charge for deliver to keep things fair – for both parties involved! It’s important to take this line-item into account when estimating your wedding budget. Additionally, if picking up the items yourself is feasible, be sure and ask your vendor if they allow this to save on the cost of delivery.

Here is our standard delivery area.
Here is our standard delivery area.
  1. Do you require a deposit? How much?

Another cost to consider is how much is required for deposit and when this deposit is due. Event budgets tend to run tight and if you will need to pay 50 percent or more of the cost of your rentals upfront, you’ll want to know this as soon as possible so you can arrange for payment. Deposits may seem like one more cost, but really they ensure that you have reserved the exact items you want and the deposit will then be applied to the total cost of your order.

  1. What size/how many/how much do I need?

Be sure to take advantage of the expertise of your event rental company! They have been doing this for many, many years and likely have thousands of events to their credit. Once you know the size of your guest list and your venue, get their opinion on the placement of your tables, how many chairs to order and the size of your dance floor. It’s free advice that is actually invaluable!

  1. Do you own your rental items?

Another important question to ask your event rental company is whether or not they own the majority of the items they rent out. Some companies do and others rely on yet another vendor to provide many of their rental items that they resell to you. The benefit of working with a company that owns most, if not all, of their own rental items is that they have more control over the quality and consistency of their inventory. At Event Central, we take special care to clean, repair and properly store every item in our warehouse (take a look inside here) which allows us to ensure that only top-quality products are delivered to our customers.

A picture inside our warehouse via Google Maps
A picture inside our warehouse via Google Maps
  1. What’s your standard for quality on tents, chairs, tables, linens, etc?

Finally, get straight to the point and directly ask your event rental company about their standard for quality for their rental items. For example, would they rent out a tent that is slightly stained or has a tear in it? Even a small amount of damage can bring down the look and feel of your wedding. The same is true for tables, chairs and linens. You want your guests to be greeted with clean and properly working items that don’t distract from the other beautiful decorations in the event space. We take the quality of our rental items seriously and devote much of our off season to meticulously cleaning and repairing every piece.

A look at our tent washing, drying and inspection process
A look at our tent washing, drying and inspection process

Now that you have a working list of top questions to ask your event rental company, you can feel confident when selecting your vendors. Look for professionals that are easy to communicate with and give you the answers you need in a timely manner. For even more answers to our most frequently asked questions, click here.

What questions have you found to be most helpful when communicating with your event vendors? Or what questions do you have for us? Share what’s on your mind by commenting below!

One thought on “7 Questions to Always Ask Your Event Rental Company”

  1. I think that it is wise to ask about the standard quality of rental items and if the rental company owns the items that they rent. If the company owns their items they have more control over the items’ quality. It is good to know about potential problems before they occur so that they can be prevented. In event planning it is always good to avoid last minute issues to alleviate stress.

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