Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for a few last minute additions to your 2015 wedding, or you’re planning ahead for a 2016 wedding, we have the expert tips you need for creating a “scary awesome” Halloween theme ceremony and reception.

Take a look at these six piece of advice and be sure to note that just a few, subtle details are all you need to create a spooky wedding that still feels classy and romantic.

Make it vintage

Decorating your Halloween-theme wedding with vintage décor is one great way to achieve just the right level of “spooky” and combine it with a whole lot of classy. Vintage items carry an almost haunted feel because of their history and old-world look. Consider using old books, suitcases, feather pens and other antiques to decorate your tables and common areas like bathrooms and bars. These vintage items can also be repurposed as beautiful home décor that you can enjoy long after your wedding day!

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

It keep it light hearted

Our next tip is to keep your Halloween theme light hearted. It’s a little disturbing to use fake blood, bandages, coffins and tombstones as part of the décor for your wedding. That’s taking “til death do us part” a little too far. Instead focus on the fun and festive elements of Halloween like pumpkins and candles. Even a few spider webs and masquerade masks are fine so long as they create a classy look, not a haunted house look.

Spooky can (and should) still be pretty

Remember that spooky doesn’t have to be gruesome and ugly. It can also be pretty! There’s never been a better occasion to use candlelight to set the mood. Imagine your tables set with layers of flowy black and white fabric, an array of antique candlesticks in different heights and some gourds and pumpkins scattered beneath them. This table setting certainly gives a nod to Halloween while keeping things classy and romantic.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Choose subtle details

The key to creating a “scary awesome” Halloween theme wedding is to pick just a few meaningful details and do them right – but don’t do it all! Combining too many elements and inundating your guests with decorations popping out of every corner is sure to give your reception the “haunted house” feel. Rather, select a few favorites that you know will have a big impact and focus your theme in just these areas. For example, go all out for a Halloween theme favors like mini jars of “love potion” but skip the wedding cake covered in plastic spiders and blood.

Everyone loves Halloween inspired treats

You can’t go wrong with incorporating some of your favorite Halloween treats into your menu. Guests will love sampling themed cocktails, munching on caramel corn or taking home a candy apple. Theming your menu is a great way to “treat” the other senses to the whole experience in addition to the visual decorations.

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Remember, it’s still a wedding!

Our final piece of advice is to always think about this day first and foremost as your wedding day. Sure, a Halloween theme wedding can be a ton of fun and very memorable, but going over the top can take away from the meaning of the day and leave guests feeling like they’re attending just another costume party. Be sure to incorporate elements that reflect your personality in addition to these holiday decorations. We promise, your guests who know and love you, will appreciate these details just as much if not more!

What “scary awesome” Halloween theme wedding tip do you like the best? Or do you have another favorite? Share your tips by commenting below!

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