There are some pretty obvious facts about Event Central that anyone can gather from our website. You can browse our current inventory, see the types of events we have done and get answers to your essential event planning questions. Aside from this expected information are a ton of unexpected fun facts that have helped to shape who we are as a company. You won’t find these hidden within the pages of our website, so we’re giving you the inside scoop right here!

Here are six things you might not know about Event Central that have helped to make us more than simply an event rental company, but a close-knit family that shares a passion for great events!

Some of the Event Central family posing in front of the Pennsylvania Capitol
Some of the Event Central family posing in front of the Pennsylvania Capitol

1. We were not always named Event Central

Before becoming Event Central, we were first called Taylor Rental and were based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. We then moved to a new location on Paxton Street in Harrisburg and changed our name to Party Central. One final move and one final name change turned us into Event Central located in Mechanicsburg.

2. Event rentals used to only be a fraction of our business

Before we were named Event Central, 75 percent of our business came from equipment rental, with 25 percent coming from event rentals. We’ve more than flipped that ratio to become almost exclusively focused on event rentals.

3. Our business is very seasonal – but we still stay busy in the off-season

Between the months of April and October we are consumed with wedding season! Our warehouse is nearly bare every weekend as tents, chairs, tables, linens and dinnerware are delivered all across Central PA. During the other months, in our off-season, we still stay busy with other types of work. We inspect and repair our entire inventory, deep clean our tents and organize, organize, organize – all to prepare to do it all again come April!

Take a look at this video for an inside peak at our tent washing process.

4. We’ve done almost every type of event you can imagine

Sure, weddings keep us busy, but so do graduation ceremonies, concerts, birthday parties, community events and so much more. We’ve handled requests as small as a couple of tables or as large as thousands of chairs and the biggest tents we carry. While we often feel like we’ve seen it all, we’re still surprised by some of the creative events that need our rentals.

5. A large part of our work happens far in advance of the event

While delivering the event rentals and setting up a space is the most dramatic result of what we do, there is actually a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes, weeks and months in advance of the big day. We carefully plan out an event space through site visits, CADD drawings and detailed production schedules to ensure all of the moving parts work in unison. If we’ve done our job right, you won’t even have to think about us on the day of your event – everything you asked for will be there waiting for you.

6. We’re crazy about creating phenomenal events! …Okay, maybe you already knew that one.

This may come as no surprise, but it’s always worth mentioning just how passionate we are about the event rental industry. The fast pace, long hours and special requests are all worth it to see the finished space – and the look on people’s faces when their dreams come to life.

Now that we’ve spilled some of our more interesting “secrets,” tell us what else you’re most interested in knowing about Event Central!

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