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Wedding planning is a stressful process that can bring people closer together – and also place a wedge between even the best friendships.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but it’s never more important than resolving a disagreement between you and a loved one. If an argument or tense moment should take place, don’t worry. There are many opportunities to make things right again and we’re going to help by sharing five with you right now. Take a look!

Start with clear expectations

This is one of the best things you can do right from the start to prevent many little fights and arguments from ever taking place. Make sure everyone knows their roles and what you expect of them. Communication is key! If you want your maid of honor to take the lead on planning your bridal shower, tell her – don’t expect her to “get the hint.” In contrast, if you want to maintain control over a particular detail, let your helping hands know that they don’t need to worry about it. This will prevent them from accidentally overstepping their boundaries and causing you frustration.

Have an open conversation

In the unfortunate instance when someone gets their feelings hurt, address it immediately with an open conversation with that person. Resist the temptation to get the story from other people. This only perpetuates gossip and amplifies the situation. If possible, have a face to face conversation with just that person (or people). Let them tell their story or clear up any confusion. You can almost always come to an understanding and laugh off whatever it may have been that upset you.

Determine the real decision maker(s)

A lot of wedding arguments stem from having no clear decision maker. Instead, many different people feel they have the authority to make decisions or offer strong opinions. It’s the classic “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario. Determine who your one “head chef” will be in this whole process. Most commonly, it’s the bride. Do take into account anyone that may be helping out financially will rightfully want some say in how their money is being spent. Just like in business, you need a single CEO, but you still need to make your investors happy.

Find someone to mediate

When a serious argument takes place and you are dealing with heated emotions, find a friend or family member who is outside the fray and ask them to mediate a conversation between those who are involved. They shouldn’t offer their opinion or “determine a winner,” but they should help to keep the conversation productive and headed toward a positive outcome.

Distance yourself from negativity

Finally, drama tends to find people who are looking for it. Try your best to remain positive and grateful throughout your wedding planning process. If there is someone who always seems to want to gossip about someone else or start a fire by telling you things that aren’t completely true – beware! Distance yourself from negative people and negative energy. This will only sour your wedding planning experience and will also impact the joy on your wedding day!

…And remember, your relationships with family and friends will last much longer than your wedding day. Take special care to resolve any hurt feelings or miscommunications as quickly as possible!

Have you had to resolve a disagreement when wedding planning? Share your advice by commenting below!

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