Memorial Day is just a week away; do you know how you plan to celebrate? Whether you decide to throw your own party this year or honor the day by attending a local event, there are countless ways you can honor our veterans while enjoying time with family and friends.

Let’s take a look at 5 easy and accessible ways to celebrate this Memorial Day while keeping the meaning behind this special occasion.

Host a viewing party of the National Memorial Day Concert

It’s been a longstanding American tradition to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ and outdoor party. If you have a backyard for entertaining or even a nearby park, consider hosting your own celebration! Many people will plan their celebrations on Memorial Day Monday which is a great opportunity to plan your party for the Sunday before. Best of all, you can treat your guests to a viewing of the National Memorial Day Concert which takes place on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol the eve before Memorial Day. Simply tune in to PBS and enjoy while you eat, drink and mingle with your guests!

Get festive at your local parade

Most local townships will host their own Memorial Day Parade to honor those who are serving and have served our country. These are sure to be fun community events where you can connect with your neighbors and enjoy a kickoff to summer in the most American way possible! Be sure to bring your American flags and other red, white and blue gear to add to the atmosphere.

Fly your American flags

You don’t have to be hosting a Memorial Day party to have a reason to decorate with your American flags for this holiday. Every day is an occasion worth flying your flag. Decorate your porch, fence, potted plants, garage doors and front door with American flags or red, white and blue decorations. This is décor that stays in season all summer long for Fourth of July through Labor Day. Pinterest has endless ideas for DIY decorations and creative ideas to really have fun with this Americana theme.

Visit a veterans’ home

Make this Memorial Day all about the veterans who have so selflessly served our country. Visit your local veterans’ home and take along some treats to share in celebration of the holiday. Many of these men and women may not have family who are able to come and visit and your presence will brighten their day and show respect for the sacrifices they have made to keep our freedom.

Tour a battlefield and finish with a picnic lunch!

If you are local to Central PA (as we are), you are not far from some of the most famous battlefields in all of the United States. Take a day trip to Gettysburg where you can explore the area, enjoy the quaint downtown square and finish it all off with a picnic lunch to soak up the warmer weather. There are always a ton of festivities taking place over the summer months including tours, concerts and reenactments – so even if you can’t make it on Memorial Day, keep this family activity in mind for another sunny day.

How do you plan to spend this Memorial Day? Share your party ideas by commenting below!

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