5 Things You Need to Know About Planning a Graduation Party

Graduation, whether it be from high school, college, or anything else, is an exciting milestone in our lives. It’s a special time when graduates commemorate the friendships made, honor their achievements, and prepare for their future.

Throwing a graduation party is the perfect way to celebrate this great accomplishment. While the graduation itself is a big milestone, the celebration doesn’t need to be a big (or stressful) ordeal to plan, especially if you follow these five pieces of advice!

Weekends fill up quickly! Invite guests well in advance

One of the first steps you should take when planning your graduation party is to select your date. Traditionally, graduation parties are held on the weekends, which tend to fill up with a ton of other social obligations for your guests. Be sure to get your invites out at least 6-8 weeks in advance to give your guests as much notice as possible.

Plan for inclement weather by renting a tent and fans or heaters

Now that you have a date, the next step is to plan your event space. Since the most popular time for graduation parties is the beginning of summer, many people choose to throw their events outdoors. If you go this route, you most definitely want to have a backup plan for inclement weather. Decide early if you will need a tent, tent walls, fans or heaters and then book them as soon as you can! This will be a huge stress relief if Mother Nature should act up on the day of your party.

Have games and activities to help guests interact with one another

As we mentioned, many of your friends or your guests’ friends will also be throwing a graduation party this season. Make sure yours stands out! A great way to ensure your guests mix, mingle and have a good time is to plan activities that get them to interact with one another. Buy or borrow some equipment for volleyball, badminton or horseshoes. Any tailgating-type activity is also a great option. There’s nothing like some friendly competition to help everyone loosen up and have a great time at your party!

Keep your guests comfortable by renting extra tables and chairs

After your guests have tired themselves out from all your activities, they’ll surely want a space to kick back and relax. Make sure you have ample (and comfortable) seating to do so! It’s not expected that you’ll have 50+ chairs in personal storage, so this may require renting some additional items. Track those RSVPs and add on some tables, chairs, dishes and flatware to your event rental order to be sure you are fully covered – while still looking classy!

Be sure to have plenty of food to last you throughout the entire celebration!

Finally, you want your guests to enjoy your graduation party in its entirety. One of the biggest details that will impact this is whether or not you have enough food to last you from the arrival of your first guest through your final goodbyes. Plan ahead with a variety of snacks and finger foods you can put out when the full meal isn’t being served. People who pop in throughout your event will be pleased to be greeted with fresh snacks.

Are you planning a graduation party this year? Big, small, formal or casual, we can help match you with the right rental items to make your celebration easy…and unforgettable!

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