5 Non-Wedding Occasions That Still Deserve Celebration!

A special event doesn’t need to be a black tie affair or wedding to give us an occasion to get together and have some fun. Throughout the year, we all celebrate in countless different ways, but so often we forget that these small and simple events can also benefit from a professional’s touch.

Take a look at how a little creativity combined with a few rental items can take your next special occasion to a whole new level!

Birthday parties

Birthdays are an annual celebration we each look forward to, but some are worthy of a particularly special celebration, especially if it’s a milestone like turning 18, 21, 40, 50, 60, etc. It’s a great idea to host a birthday celebration at your house to save money and to make it completely personalized. The issue many people run into is having enough tables and chairs to accommodate all your guests. This is where renting a few items can help. Additionally, linens, flatware and glasses can also be rented for a small cost, while making a huge impact on the look and feel of the event.

Family gatherings

Another non-wedding special occasion that happens more frequently throughout the year is a family gathering. Extended families will often get together for the holidays or a reunion. It’s easy to fall into a rut of hosting the same exact event with the same people, the same menu and at the same location. Even if you keep everything else the same, you can still change things up from year to year by renting different linens, selecting a new table configuration or taking the event outside with a tent. How much fun would it be to make every year a new theme or new color scheme? That’s where we can help!

Graduation parties

Do you have a graduate in the family this year? Whether it’s from high school, college or some other degree, graduation is a big milestone and worthy of a special celebration among family and friends! But this doesn’t mean you have to sink a ton of money into a fancy reception. Rather, open up your home or host the party at a nearby park. Some nice linens, flatware and extra tables and chairs will tie the whole event together while still keeping your costs considerably low.

Baby and bridal showers

You may feel like you attend more baby and bridal showers in a year than anything else – and this might be true! You can likely relate to the feeling that they are all the same with similar menus, games and gifts. If you’re responsible for hosting one of these celebrations this year, take this advice to make your shower stand out!

Choose a unique location, maybe even host it outside to take in a beautiful view. Then, pick a color scheme that fits the occasion, either matching the wedding colors or theme it pink or blue. Rental items like linens and napkins will bring your colors to life. You can also make this an event to remember with a novelty rental item like a popcorn machine or cotton candy maker!

Backyard BBQ’s

While we may not be in the season for outdoor events just yet, this is a good reminder that even your backyard gatherings deserve some special touches to make them a fun and comfortable celebration.

Whether you’re planning a party for one of the red, white and blue holidays over the summer, a block party or simply want to entertain some friends outside, a few key rental items can have a big impact. We accept orders of all sizes! Try renting a small tent, chairs, tables and linens in a special color for your next backyard event and watch your guests ooh and aww over these simple, but stunning details.

What other special occasions are on your social calendar this year and how do you plan to celebrate? Share your ideas by commenting below!

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