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Sticking to your wedding budget is no easy task, but it can become a whole lot more difficult if you make any of these five common mistakes! Take a look at the budgeting pitfalls you should avoid when planning your big day.

Underestimating RSVPs

If you start inviting anyone and everyone you can think of in hopes that many of them aren’t likely to say yes, you might be shocked when response cards start rolling in. Start by only inviting the number of people your budget can accommodate. Should you receive some declines, move on to your “B List” and extend an invite to these people in their place. This will prevent you from the added expense (and stress!) of accommodating way more guests than you had anticipated.

Seasonal prices of flowers

When selecting your flowers, be sure to ask your florist about any increase in costs for these particular buds around the time of your wedding. For example, if you love sunflowers but are getting married in December, this type of flower is not in season and will need to be imported. This will really run up your tab! Do your research and stick with domestic, in-season flowers to keep your budget in check.

Size of your wedding party

Don’t go overboard with the size of your wedding party, especially if you’re trying to cut costs. More members of your wedding party mean more bouquets, boutonnieres, accessories, gifts and the list goes on and on. You can honor special friends and family members in ways other than making them a bridesmaid or groomsman by having them serve as greeters, read a bible verse or share musical talent. This will save you dollars while still shining a spotlight on those you love.

Planning a wedding over a holiday

If you should choose to get married over Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Christmas or New Years, you can expect to incur some added costs when it comes to your venue, lodging, flowers and more. Vendors have more than enough business over the holidays that they often charge a premium. You and your guests will likely pay more simply because it’s close to a holiday, so steer clear of these if you want to save some cash.

Overestimating what your parents are willing to contribute

One of the biggest budgeting mistakes is guessing as to the amount of money your parents or future in-laws are willing to contribute to your wedding. Communicate early and often so you know exactly what to expect. If their contribution comes in short, you will need to cut back or make up the difference. Don’t let this come as a late surprise when you’ve already made plans for something more extravagant than what you can afford.

What other mistakes do you think could throw off your wedding budget? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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