4 Wedding Planning Tasks for The Groom

Traditionally speaking, wedding planning is most often handled by the bride and her family or friends. However, planning a wedding can be a stressful and an overwhelming time, making it all the more important for the groom to lend a helping hand. And what better way to show your soon-to-be wife how much you care than by adding some of your own special touches to your big day?

Here are a few areas of the wedding planning process that are perfect opportunities for the groom to get involved. Take a look!

Dress the Groomsmen

If you are a sharp dresser and your bride-to-be agrees, then feel free to take this task on alone. She will be sure to appreciate that renting the tuxes and picking out the right ties are not on her to-do list. Remember to ask for input, but once a decision is made, take on the responsibility of making all the arrangements yourself.

Plan the Honeymoon

One very romantic gesture is for the groom to handle the planning and logistics of the honeymoon. Ask your bride-to-be about where she’d like to go so that you are on the same page. Then, take the lead on making reservations, booking flights and renting a car, if needed. Also, surprise her with some thoughtful details like a bouquet of flowers in the room when you arrive or dinner on the beach. Many resorts offer these services and would be happy to help you make your honeymoon extra special.

Welcome Out of Town Guests

Leading up to your big day, it is important to lend a helping hand for your out of town guests. The groom can help take some of this stress off the bride by ensuring family and friends have hotel accommodations and transportation lined-up to and from the wedding. If you’re not planning to have a shuttle, check with the hotel to see if they offer this service or recommend a taxi service for your guests to use. For guests who will be attending the rehearsal dinner make sure they know where to be and at what time. These small details can often slip through the cracks and your bride will be very grateful to know they are taken care of!

Cover Last Minute Details

As the big day approaches, the to-do list seems to get longer and longer with last minute details! Offer to help with things like finalizing the guest list, paying vendors and picking up the flowers and rings. This will allow your bride-to-be to focus on herself and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about all of these odds and ends.

Do you know a groom who could use some ideas for how to get involved in the wedding planning process? Let us know if you found this blog helpful!

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