4 Ways to Rethink Your Traditional Wedding Book

For a long time, the big book of blank pages that usually sat at the entrance to the reception was a wedding staple that brides and grooms placed out in hopes of capturing some marital wisdom from their guests. But times have changed and couples now want something that is less traditional and more fun and creative. We have just the inspiration you need to rethink your traditional wedding book. Take a look at these four ideas!

Make it a “Photo Diary” with a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a popular wedding prop that help break the ice and give guests a way to capture a funny memory. Give your photo book one more important purpose by using it to create your “wedding wisdom album.” Rather than having guests sign a traditional book, ask them to pose with funny props, take a photo and write their well wishes on the bottom of the photo that you can then place in an album to enjoy for years to come.

Create a Wedding Hashtag and Let Your Guests Take It to Social Media

In past blogs, we mentioned the idea of creating a wedding hashtag and this trend is sure to stay hot for a long time. In addition to encouraging guests to post photos with your wedding hashtag, also ask them to include their words of wisdom with a photo. Then, as you and your loved one enjoy surfing the photos from your big day on social media, you can also gain some valuable advice from your family and friends!

Let Your Guests Help Create a Piece of Art for Your Home

A wedding book will likely be read once or twice and then placed on a shelf for years and years without another thought. Instead, have your guests partake in creating a special piece of art that will decorate your home with their love and remind you of this special day every time you see it. Pinterest has an endless supply of ideas for the types of projects you can create! One of our favorites is making a painting where your guests’ fingerprints make up the leaves on a tree or petals on a flower. Or have their fingerprints or handprints decorate a vase or planter that you can place flowers in throughout all seasons and enjoy year round.

Have Them Write Their Well Wishes On Something Other Than Paper

Finally, ditch the traditional pen and paper and ask your guests to write their special messages on something completely different. One great idea is having a basket of smooth rocks that your guests can use a marker to imprint their message. Place these rocks in a decorative vase in your home and pull out one or two whenever you’re in need of some inspiration!

Which of these four ideas is your favorite? Or share your own idea by commenting below!

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