4 Unique Event Planning Trends to Try in 2017

In our last blog we discussed the new trends for event rentals in 2017. To expand upon this topic further, and to offer some more insight into what we can expect to see take center stage in the New Year, this week we’re focusing on the unique event planning trends you’ll definitely want to try!

Take a look at these four creative elements you can incorporate into your wedding, graduation party, corporate event or family celebration!

Virtual Activities

Whether your event is a large corporate conference or a small backyard BBQ, technology provides us with more ways than ever before to keep guests engaged with virtual activities. You can encourage guests to mix, mingle and have some fun by giving them a “game plan” of the different activities you want them to complete during the event. For example, take a photo with the person who traveled the furthest to get to the event and post it to social media with the event’s hashtag. Or go live on Facebook with a special message about the fun you’re having at the event. The ideas are endless! Guests can earn “points” by completing as many challenges as possible for either bragging rights or real prizes.

Day-Of Event Planners

Event planners are by no means new to the industry, but they are becoming more widely used for every type of event. Formerly, only brides with big budgets could hire an event planner to manage their big day, but now corporate and community events have come to call on the expertise of a professional. More uniquely, event planners will usually offer their services for the day-of, meaning you handle all the planning up until the event, and then pass off the responsibilities the day of your event so can enjoy. Moving into the New Year, we expect more and more brides. Businesses and families to employ the use of day-of event planners.

After Parties as an Extension of the Reception

This isn’t nearly the bummer it sounds like. Rather than moving guests around from cocktail hour to reception and then from reception to after party, the new trend in event planning is to extend the reception into the after party so it keeps people all in one space. Every time you move people from one setting to another, it causes some of the momentum of the event to be lost. Using the reception space as the after party keeps people together and celebrating that much longer.

Receiving Lines No More!

The longstanding tradition of the receiving line will be used far less in modern weddings (and any other event for that matter). Why? The bottleneck a receiving line creates at an event is a headache for both guests and hosts. Sure, it’s great to greet each guest, but you’re not really spending quality time with them. Rather, let guests get into the reception and then be sure to make your rounds and engage them in meaningful conversation which is far more than you could do in a receiving line.

Which of these four unique event planning trends is your favorite? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!

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