4-tips-to-planning-a-successful-work-holiday-partyIf you’re responsible for organizing your work party this year, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of trying to plan something that pleases everyone. Unfortunately the idea of an “office party” has gotten a bad reputation from many failed attempts that resulted in awkward or boring situations.

Don’t despair! With a little advice, you can pull off a great work party that pleases most people and gets guests engaged. Use these four tips to get started…

  1. Make it convenient

Most importantly, you want to pick a date, time and location that is convenient for most people. Consider doing something right after work, since everyone will be together anyways. Better yet, close up shop midday and use “work time” for your office party. This way you aren’t asking your co-workers and employees to give up any free time. Pick a location near the office, but do plan something outside your place of business. This will make it feel more like a special occasion!

  1. Give it a purpose

Next, give your party a purpose by centering it on a fun activity. A place like Dave and Buster’s, which offers bowling, arcade games, food and drinks, is a fun choice. If you have a particularly active and competitive team, an indoor trampoline park would also make for a fun holiday party. By picking a venue that has something for guests to do, other than just stand around and make small talk, you will find that people engage more with one another and stay a little longer.

  1. Get it on everyone’s calendars early

Try and pick your party date several months in advance and let your whole staff know early. Send out a calendar reminder or save the date email. Schedules tend to get quite full during the holidays with other parties and social obligations. If you want your party to take priority, be sure to give people advance notice.

  1. Learn from past years

Finally, ask your team what they liked and didn’t like about past holiday parties. Was there a venue or activity that was an epic fail? Do people enjoy Secret Santa or would they prefer to forego it this year? Ask around and get input from as many people as you can. Don’t be afraid to ditch an old tradition that no one really likes or start a new one based upon some suggestions!

Are you planning a work holiday party this year? Ask a question or share a tip by commenting below!

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