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Outdoor weddings can be very romantic and beautiful; however, they come with their own unique set of risks that you should consider. But don’t worry! If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, whether it’s this year or at some point in the future, we’ve got you covered with a go-to list of our best pieces of advice.

Arrange for Outdoor Comforts

When choosing to have an outdoor summer wedding, your main concern should be making sure all of your guests are comfortable. Whether your ceremony, reception or even both are going to be held outdoors, there are some simple and easy ways to add comfort. First, be sure you have adequate seating. If it’s a hot summer day, your family and friends will appreciate seats in a cool, shaded space. Also consider having cool beverages, like bottles of water, available before your ceremony. Finally, it’s a smart idea to rent fans to place in key areas throughout your ceremony or under a tented reception.

Have Guests Dress Accordingly

A summer wedding is the perfect occasion for a lightweight, flowing bridal gown and airy dresses for your bridesmaids. For the groom and his men, lighter color suits or khakis with dress shirts and ties are acceptable choices. Outdoor weddings tend to be a bit more casual, so make sure you indicate on your invitations if your guests should opt for “casual” attire or welcome them to wear comfortable shoes, like flip flops, since they will be in the grass.

Be Prepared with Backup Plan

Summer is a gorgeous time to get married outdoors. But keep in mind that Mother Nature has her own agenda and may not cooperate with your plans. The best thing you can do is plan ahead with a backup option for your ceremony and reception space, should rain, wind or anything else make an outdoor wedding undesirable. Renting a tent large enough to fit all of your guests comfortably is a great place to start! Not only will the tent provide shade and shelter, it can also serve as an alternative venue for your wedding ceremony, should you not be able to do it outside. Another option is to choose a venue that has an indoor space you can use as a backup. While it may not be your first choice, you will be glad you have a Plan B ready to go, if needed.

Focus on the Details that Matter

From the style of your shoes to the color of your linens, the decisions that need to be made throughout the wedding planning process can be overwhelming to say the least. Prioritize your most important details that will have the biggest impact on your day (i.e. venue, food and photographer). Smaller details, like the style of your napkins and place settings, don’t matter nearly as much. Focus on the big details first and foremost, and then move on to the smaller details, or forget them altogether! We promise, your guests will never know the difference.

Are you planning an outdoor wedding this summer? Offer your own tips or ask us a question by commenting below!

10 thoughts on “4 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Summer Wedding”

  1. Looking to rent tableware for wedding lunch for approximately 150 people….plates, silverware, cloth napkins, punch cups, water glasses, dessert plates, etc. Wedding is Sunday, September 4, 2016

    Thank you

  2. In the planning stage of my June 10, 2017 Wedding and trying to get quotes and suggestions on a Garden Wedding.
    I would love to sit down and chat!

  3. My sister is actually wanting to get married in the great outdoors. She has always been the more rustic type. I really like what you said about guests dressing accordingly. We are going to be in the mountains and there is going to be some hiking involved. The guests should be aware. Another thing to think about is what if it rains? We are planning on hiring someone to have a large tent get put up to shield us from the elements.

  4. Being prepared with would be a very good thing to do if you are planning an outdoor wedding. It does seem like it would be a good idea to know what you will do if it starts raining or is really windy. I know that I wouldn’t just want my ceremony to be held anywhere. So, having a backup plan would be smart.

  5. Making sure you have adequate seating is smart. That way, your guests can remain comfortable through the whole ceremony and reception. Then, they won’t get bored so easily and want to leave. You can also provide fun lawn games for them to play while you are busy talking with everyone!

  6. Another good idea would be to add some lawn games to the outdoor wedding! That way your guests can stay entertained for hours! Plus, lawn games are a simple way to have fun without getting crazy and loud.

  7. I liked that you mentioned having your guest seating in a cool, dry place if you’re having a wedding outdoors. You also mention having cooled beverages available for the guests before the ceremony starts, especially on a hot day– great idea! I also think that when having an outdoor wedding, keep in mind a consideration of bugs, and if they are going to be a huge bother to your guests.

  8. I like your advice to be prepared with a backup plan. It really does make a difference to know what you are getting yourself into whenever you are trying to have a good wedding. Do you have any tips about choosing the right place to have your wedding? I really just want to be sure that I’m going with right people.

  9. Thank you for your valuable suggestions! Outdoor wedding is a trend these days in summer. It’s really nice but an organized plan can make it better. I really appreciate your thoughts on having a backup plan. When mother nature has her own agenda to make the change of weather. : ) According to my experiences I have seen in many outdoor weddings guests won’t feel comfortable, which is really embarrassing for the host. And produce stresses at the very last time. So incorporating everything tiny details in the plan is highly recommended. As a result, it could make a wedding ceremony very attractive and remarkable : )

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