4-times-when-its-smarter-to-rent-than-buyWhen you’re planning a large party or event like a wedding, family reunion or graduation celebration, it’s expected that you’ll need to make arrangements to bring in more chairs, tables, plates and utensils to accommodate all your guests. Most people don’t have enough seating for an extra 50-100 people in personal storage, so it’s often necessary to find a company who will rent you these items.

Renting is more than just necessary, it’s also a smart option for a variety of reasons. Take a look at these four reasons why renting can be a better option than buying your own items.

When you need a large quantity of something (i.e. chairs, plates, utensils)

Like we said, you don’t usually have enough extra seating for a hundred guests in personal storage. And you surely want to make every guest feel welcomed with a seat of their own. The same goes for plates, utensils, linens and more. When you need a large quantity of matching items, a rental company can easily provide what you need.

When you want to save money

Though you ultimately don’t keep the items, renting does save money. You can rent items for a few dollars compared to the larger investment of purchasing them. Plus, where would you store everything after the event is over? Renting provides the convenience of having what you need, when you need it without the headache of storing and caring for the items long-term.

When it requires an expert to set up

Another smart reason to rent a party item is when it’s something big and complicated to setup, like a tent. Take our word for it, it takes a crew of experts! The thought of someone trying to set up their own tent, take it down, wash it and store it seems a bit crazy. Especially with rental companies who can do this all for you!

When you need something that can’t be easily found in a store

A final reason why it’s a smart idea to rent an item rather than buy it is when it simply cannot be bought (at least easily)! If you want to have a unique item at your event, like a Sno-Kone or cotton candy machine, an event rental company is the most logical place to find these items. We ensure you have what you need, know how to use the machine and then take it off your hands once your event is done. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Are you planning an event and not sure whether you should rent or buy an item? Contact us today and let one of our event experts offer you some free advice!

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