Whether this is your first time visiting the Event Central website, or you’ve been a veteran customer for many years, it’s likely there are still a few things you don’t know about us and the way we choose to do business. Take a look at these 4 things we do differently than most other event rental companies.

We don’t provide a service, we provide a partnership.

A lot of times we provide services that go far beyond the traditional event rental industry. We branch over into a hybrid of event rentals and event coordination, offering our customers our expertise and experience to make the best decisions for their events.

If it comes down to a game-time decision due to unexpected weather or location conditions, we know how to, and have, overcome almost any obstacle. Never will we throw our hands up and say “Sorry, this isn’t what we signed up for, we can’t complete the job.” We work as your partner to see even the most uniquely challenging sites come to completion.

We don’t turn away an event for being too small…or too big.

Never be afraid to reach out to us due to your event size! Do you simply need to rent 2 tables for your backyard BBQ? Cool! We’re happy to help. Do you need the biggest tent on the market to cover your university’s graduation? We’ve got you covered (literally), too! Never will we make your event feel insignificantly small or overly challenging, because we have pretty much done it all and love the variety!

We provide free advice, without any expectation or obligation.

Offering “free” consultations is nothing new to the industry. A lot of businesses use it as a hook to then pressure the customer into a hard sell or make them feel awkward to end the conversation without committing to an order. Simply put, we don’t do that. We would much prefer you have time to think it over, shop around and ultimately choose us for our quality and customer service – not out of guilt. Our free advice is truly no strings attached.

We don’t hide our prices or policies.

We find it just as frustrating as you do when businesses make it extraordinarily difficult to figure out their pricing and policies. How do you know if they are even in the ballpark of your budget without a little information, right? With a simple request, made via phone or email, we send you our most up-to-date PDF-version of our price guide for you to review. Also, all of our policies are clearly spelled out on our FAQ page.

Have a question for us? Leave a comment and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible!

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