If you’ve ever planned an event, you know that there are a ton of details to consider! From the venue to the color of your table linens, you can really get lost in the weeds if you overthink every decision. Our best event planning advice is to focus on the key details that will have the greatest impact on the event. You might be surprised by how such small details can really shape the look and feel of your special occasion. Take a look!


This is a broad category, yet oh so often overlooked. Having signage at your event, whether that’s showing guests the way to the bathroom or explaining the recipe of your signature drink, will make them feel welcomed and engaged. Consider using signage in the buffet line to highlight the delicious food selections. Use signs to promote your photo booth or hashtag for the event. Signs are a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but they can really help to bring the whole event together.

Butlered cocktails

Regardless of whether your event is serving alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, then seems to always be a bottleneck to get a cold refreshment as soon as guests arrive. Welcome guests with butlered cocktails so that they immediately has a refreshment in hand and aren’t left searching for the bar and then waiting in line as their first experience at your event.

Plated salads or appetizers on the table

It should be assumed that your guests are going to arrive hungry. Keeping them waiting for food won’t lead to a great overall experience at your event. Think ahead and arrange for the first course, whether that’s a salad, soup or appetizer, to be plated on the dinner tables. This will also help encourage guests to take their seats which will allow you to begin the other aspects of your event program.

A small token of appreciation

As you tackle all the other aspects of event planning, you may be quick to write off the importance of a party favor for your guests. However, this small detail will help guests remember your event every time they see it. A favor also gives something back to your guests, when it’s likely they brought you a gift or paid to be at this event. For favors, think small, useful or disposable. A sweet treat is always a win!

Which of these “small” details do you think stands to have the greatest impact on an event? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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