4 Important Details to Make Your Event Stand Out

Whether you are throwing a backyard birthday celebration or big community fundraiser, one thing is for sure. You want your event to be a success! A stand out event is accomplished by paying attention the details, adding some creative touches and keeping your guests comfortable. Take a look at these four pieces of advice for making your next special event stand out.

Creative Location

A great event starts with a great location. We love the natural beauty and endless possibilities of an outdoor venue. Whether this is the green lawn of a country club or a rustic farm field, keeping your guests comfortable should be top priority. If planning and outdoor event, be sure to rent enough tables, chairs and linens as well as arrange for a tent or two to provide shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

Themed Décor

By selecting a theme for your event, so many other elements will naturally fall into place. Your color scheme, menu and décor can be creatively planned to reflect your theme and give guests a truly unique experience. The best way to select a theme is to think first about the occasion. If it’s a birthday party, what does the birthday girl or guy enjoy? If it’s a corporate event, consider an event that ties into your brand or industry. If it’s a nonprofit fundraiser, select a theme that helps communicate your core mission. Next, think about your guest list. What do they enjoy? What will get them to come and stay a while? A great theme will please both the host and their guests!

Engaging and Entertaining

Another important aspect of a successful event is making it memorable for all the right reasons. This means planning entertainment and activities to engage your guests. Lawn games, live music, ice breaker games and DIY crafty favors are all obvious ways to get your guests up from their chairs and moving around. The best events are ones that push people to interact with one another and step a little bit outside their comfort zone.

Use Social Media to Market

Our final tip is to use the power of social media to market your event. For something like a fundraiser or open house, it’s obvious why you would want to market it – to increase attendance and profit. For a personal party like a birthday or graduation celebration, you can (and should) use social media to build excitement for the event so more of your family and friends feel compelled to come. Facebook allows you to create an event page and you can choose how public or private you’d like to make the details. Then, you can share reminders, pictures and promotions to encourage guests to RSVP!

Are you planning a birthday party, family reunion or even a fundraising event this year? If so, what piece of advice in this article did you find most helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. I really like your tip about providing engaging entertainment. I like the idea of providing lawn games. I think it is a good idea to use ones that require teams so that you can get people working together and interacting. I’ll have to suggest this for our next company get together. Thanks for the ideas!

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