Steel Galvanized Barricade Fencing By Sonco Added To Our Line

Sonco barricadeSonco barricade

We have added to our event rental line Sonco Manufacturing’s most popular barricade. Each barricade interlocks with the next, no tools required. By moving each barrier into position, you quickly form a dependable barrier that is sure to get the job done.  The barricade is solidly constructed, welded, and  hot-dipped galvanized to meet offshore Marine Standards.

Crowd fencing between raceway and garagesCrowd fencing between raceway & garages


Sonco barricade logoPickets are closely spaced  to prevent a child from getting stuck in the barricade.

For pickup at our facility, the barricades line up tight against each other when loaded in a pickup truck. They can …

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How to Maintain Clean Tent Vinyl in the Party Rental Business

The calling card for some rental companies interested in building a service-based following could be higher quality and cleanliness of an installed party tent. Other companies may attempt to use competitive pricing as their advantage, performing only general spot cleaning during peak tenting season with a full cleaning during the off season. This training video by Aztec Tent identifies one method of cleaning tents . Companies with a large tent inventory depend on specialized washing equipment to produce a more consistant quality of cleaning.  This post describes how Event Central maintains our high quality product.

In the 90's we washed our tents by hand in our parking lotIn the 90's we washed…
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Customer asks – Can We Use Water Barrels To Weight a 40′ x 60′ Frame Tent?

We recently provided a well established corporate customer a quote for a 40′ x 60′ Eureka Frame Tent for the Grand Opening for a medical facility. The installation was planned on a newly paved parking lot where they preferred no staking, so we quoted our Safeblock™ concrete weighting system to properly anchor the tent.  The rental included specialty linens, tables, chairs, and tableware for a light lunch that would follow.  They even invited the Governor to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Tent installation with Safeblock™ concrete anchorsTent installation with Safeblock™ concrete anchors

Later that week, the client called back to discuss the pricing. Since they …

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