IFAI Tent Rental Division Presents Awards For Best Commercial Tent Rental

The IFAI Tent Rental Division (TRD) announced the winner of the Commercial Tent Rental Award at the 2012 Tent Expo at Las Vegas’s, NY NY Hotel and Casino, last week. Each member of the TRD is invited to submit significant accomplishments from the previous event year. The entries from around the world are then judged by a peer group to determine the winner.

Event Central uses its involvement with several Rental Trade Associations to help bring superior quality products and services to our loyal customers.

Most of the entries were tied to international events or companies for whom …

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When is it Safe to use Water Barrels to Anchor Tents

Can plastic barrels full of water provide the holding power necessary for safe tenting?  This educational blog explains alternative ways to safely anchor a tent without stakes. ** At the bottom of the article are several links to discussion by industry experts   Water barrels have their place in tent anchoring, but not for this long term rentalWater barrels have their place in tent anchoring, but not for this long term rental  

Manufacturer’s Design for Stakes

A manufacturer usually engineers their tent anchoring around the data provided in studies for stakes and their holding power.  When a tent manufacturer designs a tent from the ground up, the engineers produce written specifications for anchoring. These specifications …

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