Setup Underway for 2011 New Year’s Eve Strawberry Drop at Downtown Harrisburg

HERSHEY HARRISBURG REGIONAL VISITORS BUREAU New Year's Eve New Year’s Eve preparations got underway with the closing of Second Street at 8:00 AM New Year’s Eve Day. The Event Central 24′ Crew Cab truck slipped by the barricades and started the setup.  After they unloaded the truck contents –  Stage,  Stage Cover and SafeBlock Concrete Ballast, the setup got underway. Check out this New Year’s Poster  posted by Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau

Stage and Stage Cover by Event Central At Noon,  the Stage and Stage Cover installation is completed by the EC Crew. Within minutes, Anderson Audio  started loading in the Lighting, Audio and Trusses to be installed in…
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Emergency Shelter – Losberger RDS – Rapid Deployment System

Mayor Giuliani - Photo Credit  - Newsweek When disaster strikes - Ground Zero

RDS – Rapid Deployment System is an acronym you will be seeing more and more if you are involved in the Emergency Response Community. Losberger-Germany recently held an open house & training event at the Losberger-U.S. plant in Frederick, MD.  The event was used to showcase over 20 different RDS systems and their various accessories such as power distribution, HVAC, decontamination facilities and much more.

What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?What do FedEx and Losberger RDS system have in common?

Event Central – located in Pennsylvania’s capital seat is working with the Losberger U.S. RDS  Team to promote the …

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Olympic Tent – Arrives In Central Pennsylvania

Roadway Truck Load

Truckload of Olympic Tents arrive This week, we received a YRC/Roadway truckload of Olympic Tent, Tacoma, WA to replace our current inventory of older style frame tents. The new product will be available for weddings, groundbreakings, company trade shows, company picnics and much more.


Tons of specialty tubing and tent vinyl Our crew offloading Olympic frame pieces Olympic hardware kit for one of the Maxi-Frame tents

Olympic Tent & Awning

The design work behind these tents was inspired by Spencer Etzel of Oregon-based The SEC Group.  For more than twenty years, the SEC Group has been an innovator …

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Consider a Corporate Membership to The Communication Gym

The Communication Gym

Can’t decide how to give back to your key employees at the end of the year ? Consider a corporate membership to The Communication Gym. What better way to give your employees the advantage in a competitive market place than to help them develop their personal business and communication skills.

Event Central hired The Communication Gym last winter  to challenge the company with several business goals.

Perform a review of the organizational structure Open up the channels of communication between departments Create new methods to better communicate our products and services to our client base Provide access to the…
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