Six burner stove & oven – New Product Lines

We are adding 2 Southbend Restaurant Ranges to our commercial inventory:

6 burner stove with 2 grate oven

Model 336D

6 clog-free, 26,000 BTU burners Fuel – Propane with no tools required connection 25 Foot Propane hose Stainless steel front and galvanized sides Removable cast iron, flush-top grates 2 oven grates that will handle full size sheet pans Single-piece drip tray under burners Commercial gas range 36.5″ wide with a 37″ cooking top (including 8″ balloon casters)

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The Ranges are purchased from Event Merchandise Source whose sister company Vermont …

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You deserve a SAFE party tent installation

Manufacturers design great tents Tent rental companies rely heavily on the manufacturer for technical data to properly install a tent.  No place is the manufacturer’s specification more important than when it comes to “anchoring” or staking the tent.  The anchoring is not only needed to hold tent in position on the nice sunny day of the installation, but also when there are severe thunder storms, high winds or tornado warnings.

Tent foreman are the hero’s of our business When it comes to securing your tent correctly, the tent installer is where the rubber meets the road. Our industry is riddled …

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Shipment of New Black Chiavari Chairs Arrive

Just arriving by truck from Commercial Seating Products (CSP) is a new line of black Chiavari chairs for party rental.

This adds a 4th color to our Chiavari Chair inventory, which now includes Gold, Silver, Mahogany and  Black.

Chiavari Chairs have become one of the world’s most popular seats for special events ranging from weddings to high profile entertainment events such as the Grammy’s, and seating for popular TV Shows like Dancing with the Stars.

28 foot trailer load of black, silver and mahogany

In preparation for rental, the chairs each are individually bagged and carefully stacked to protect …

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