Freezin’ for a reason!

polar_logoMany call them crazy, insane, bizarre and even senseless. However, the people involved with the Polar Bear Plunge should be referred to as caring, compassionate, and kind hearted. These supporters risk hypothermia to raise cash for over 20,000 Special Olympic Athletes across the state. Many of us don’t want to imagine what freezing water feels like, but the volunteers involved with the Special Olympics look forward to jumping in the Susquehanna River every winter for a good cause. I understand it is nearly impossible to describe how cold that water feels this time of the year, but to put it

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Looking for a different Restaurant Experience in York?

“Hole in the wall” restaurant

About a year ago I had heard of this restaurant, but never got a chance to try it.  Finally last spring, I was looking for something different, and remembered hearing several years ago of an inner city York  “Hole in the Wall” restaurant which was supposed to be renowned for their food, and located near one of the Farmer’s Market.



Google “Restaurant York  PA” The search triggered a few more synapses to fire and eventually placed me on their phone number. It ended up to be Blue Moon Restaurant. We called to be sure …

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New Years Brings Harrisburg’s First Annual Event of the Year

Photo courtesy of Patriot NewsPhoto courtesy of Patriot News

We are extremely grateful to keep servicing the same customers and venues year after year. With the turn of a new year, we aim to keep the same customers and their annual events. In a business like ours, working side by side with other companies who serve the event business is an everyday occurrence. Many of our new customers don’t realize that we work closely with a number of wedding/corporate venues in the area on a daily basis during the busy summer seasons. I consider all the companies and venues we work with part of …

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