Dog Whisperer meets Horse Whisperer

This post is a follow up to a comment that was left today by Susie Drake which really made me smile.    When I get a comment, I like to know how the customer’s needs tied to our rental services. I learned from the website that the company was that of a person I only knew as the Horse Whisperer, one of the most skilled Horse Handlers I have ever known.  I wish I had known he was visiting at the Farm Show so I could have watched him train in person.


You see, I don’t watch much TV, but …

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Michele Engle’s Event to raise 20K for Leukemia

April 19’th update

Good news!   The event was a great success.  Look back for another post with pictures and a recap of the event’s accomplishments!

Below is the Pre-event post.  STW

Recently Michele Engle decided to step up the fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma, by joining their Annual fundraiser “Man & Woman of the Year”.  Michele’s goal is to raise $20,000  in her competition against area business people. Michele is the Account Executive  for the Central Penn Business Journal where EC does some advertising.

Like any fundraiser, you have to spend money to make money.  engleMichele had been to …

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Cornwall Inn Makes it Easy to Plan your Wedding

When I was looking for a way to introduce Cornwall Inn,   I stumbled across this review:

This wedding season, Cornwall will be upgrading and up-sizing to the heavier duty 20 x p101030160 Ft Twin Tube Tent with walls, special lighting and decorating.  In a given season, Cornwall can do upwards to 20 weddings.  EC’s tent is the base size for most events, and as needed additional tenting is ordered one week at a time up to 60 x 70 Ft.

Cornwall has found it easier to offer a menu of services to a bride which might include the Rooms, …

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Event Central Introductory Video – Warehouse Tour

Join us for a tour!

My special thanks to A.J. !04-10-2009-12-02-26-am

A.J. (Andrew Laganosky) worked summers starting in 2006 with Event Central to earn money to attend University of Pittsburgh Bradford.  A.J. graduated in December, and will be attending Graduate School this fall. It was wonderful to see him combine his new found talents with his work experience to make a few bucks, and build his portfolio!   [youtube=] You can visit us on the Web

We encourage you to leave comments for A.J., and his “artwork”!  Scott…

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Central PA Golf Courses Prepare for the Summer Season

Many Central PA Golf Courses utilize tenting to expand their revenue and service base during the pleasant weather of the spring, summer and early fall.  The events range from corporate golf outings to wedding receptions to non-profit fundraisers.  In some cases, the tent compliments the indoor space that is used year round, while in others, the tenting is the only banquet space of any size for the facility.    LIBERTY FORGE – LOWER ALLEN Liberty Forge Golf Course Crew were busy today topping the tent adjacent to the Driving  Range on Lisburn Rd near Lower Allen Park.  This tent is used…
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