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college graduation ceremony event rentals

More than Weddings: Event Central Specializes in All Types of Events

When you think of renting a tent, chairs, tables or linens for a special occasion, what type of event most commonly comes to mind? If you’re picturing a wedding right now, you’re spot on with one of the biggest industries that fuel event rentals. Even with an estimated 2.189 million people planning to get married in 2014, weddings are still … [Read More...]

graduation commencement ceremony chairs

The Value of an Expert: How Event Central Saves Universities Time and Money

Graduation season is upon us! In the coming weeks, colleges and universities all across the globe will launch many new graduates into the world. Commencement ceremonies are events worth celebrating that also bring the need for creating a special event space to accommodate the audience of family and friends. But where will a college find enough … [Read More...]

Interior view of 30 wide tent

Holding Corporate Meetings at your Business under Tents

When it comes to corporate meetings with out-of-towners, there is no better way to show off the strength of a company than to hold meetings on the corporate campus. It is an opportunity to show off your culture, your technology, your quality, and much more. If you don't have the indoor conference space to accomplish the task, tents allow you to … [Read More...]

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